Addison Court Housing Co-op Open House for Qualified Applicants Only

Please only participate if you are eligible and interested in moving to this community -- they have limited capacity. And please note:Addison Court Housing Co-op

  • This is not cohousing - while it has a similar physical configuration, there are no common meals and no common house. There is, however, a strong sense of community and cooperation.

  • You can only be considered to join the community if your income is in a narrow band, depending on the unit and household size. The range for a 1-person household is $50-60k gross income for one of the homes, or $60-75k for the two others, higher for 2 or 3-person households.

  • Buy-in cost is $5-6000, depending on household size (yes, that is not a typo!). Monthly "carrying costs" (the equivalent of rent in a member-owned co-op) is around $1100 for one of the units or $1300 for one of the other two available, but these could increase up to around $1700 under Berkeley law.

  • The homes are tiny: 520 square feet, one bedroom. EBCOHO co-organizer Betsy Morris used to live in one, ask her about it at the Saturday morning Bagel gathering at Berkeley Cohousing.

  • The EBCOHO calendar originally listed this event as Saturday afternoon, but it really is on Sunday. As always, please do not arrive outside the listed hours. See the main EBCOHO website or the MeetUp group for a full list of area events.


Addison Court Housing Co-opAddison Court Housing Cooperative is a 10-unit Limited Equity Housing Cooperative located in West Berkeley, CA.Units are one-bedroom apartments, 520 sq. ft., ground floor, with private front and back entrances, full bath and kitchen, hardwood floors, small private gardens and storage sheds, with access to a communal backyard.

We are expecting three units to become available in summer 2023. The exact dates of availability are not yet confirmed and will depend on the time needed for routine repair/renovation or other preparation of the units. The estimated dates of availability are July 1st and August 1, 2023.

Addison Court Housing Cooperative is operated by a Board of Directors. The residents of the coop are the Directors; each of the ten households in the Coop has one vote on the Board. People with skills in landscaping, building maintenance, bookkeeping, meeting facilitation, finance, organizational governance, nonprofit administration, housing project management, community living, and/or familiarity with the history and ideals of the cooperative movement, are a plus. Quiet, courteous, flexible, hardworking, kindly people with a good sense of humor are a must. The units are private, but the walls are thin, and we live and work closely together as neighbors and coworkers to maintain our shared building, grounds, and organization. All coop members also serve on the governing board of our nonprofit, and are responsible for the whole; please expect to spend a few hours every week on administrative or maintenance duties for the coop, and to participate in monthly board and committee meetings governed by Robert's Rules. People of color and LGBTQ folks are encouraged to apply.

ACHC memberships are available only to households that can document income that is below the maximum for each unit upon initial occupancy. The coop is on Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) land, and subject to HUD and City of Berkeley guidelines.

Read more and fill out the applicant interest form linked at:

Please don't come just to look, the community only has the capacity to welcome serious, qualified, eligible applicants. Thanks!

  • May 07, 2023 at 2:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Addison Court Housing Co-op
    1135 Addison St
    Berkeley, CA 94702
    United States
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  • Addison Court Housing Co-op

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