Kick off National Cohousing Open House Weekend with Bagels with Betsy at Berkeley Cohousing

Boichik Bagels at Berkeley coho with Trish Becker, CohoUS national director

Today: Meet National Cohousing Association ED Trish Becker over Boichik Bagels at Berkeley Cohousing! Learn more and RSVP here:

Berkeley Cohousing Bagel Kick-off for Open House Weekend

It's National Cohousing Open House Weekend! Lots of communities will be doing tours and events, both in person and virtual.  Join EBCOHO co-organizer, Cohousing Coach Betsy Morris in the Common House at her home community, Berkeley Cohousing, for fresh-baked Boichik Bagels and a chance to plan your path to community. Meet some other community members and community seekers, and get a look around at this nearly-30-year-old community. Learn about its innovations in sustainability and affordability. Get info on cohousing workshops, area openings and opportunities, and how to get your own community going. Learn more and RSVP here:

Brunch with Cynthia

Don't let the rain get you down. Come on in to a Cohousing Common House in Berkeley and enjoy a bagel brunch Sunday (9/18) with Cynthia Tina, Director of Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC), the international support group for all kinds of community. Continue reading

Time to Support Tenant Opportunity to Purchase (TOPA) in Berkeley

For years, EBCOHO members have asked us how they can buy property and create affordable cohousing and cooperative communities here in Berkeley and Oakland. Well, the time has come --- both cities are considering a new Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) which will make that more possible than any time in the last 25 years!   TOPA means tenants will get notice from landlords before their building goes on the market, and can band together to make an offer, or designate a community partner to negotiate on their behalf -- and then be eligible for public funds.    Continue reading