Organizing communities in the Pacific Northwest, concentrated around Seattle

What We Do

NICA’s Five Primary Purposes

  1. Ascertain and promote intentional community aims and values that contribute most to community sustainability;
  2. Facilitate communication and networking between local, regional and national intentional community organizations;
  3. Foster and assist the study of and education on all major elements of intentional communities;
  4. Assist organizing and financing efforts of and for sustainable communities;
  5. To coordinate the exchange of resources between communities and others.

Communities Gatherings

Annually, we host spring and fall events of 1 to 3 days in length, providing opportunities for intentional communities in our region to meet each other, talk about similarities and differences, and share what has been learned. 

These events are not designed to be promotional, as in marketing any particular community, but seekers are welcome to them and typically do attend, and at least half of the attendees are usually current community members. If you are a new or forming Intentional Community (IC), and seeking new members, they are a great place to enhance your community’s visibility.

Board Meetings

Our board of trustees currently meet monthly, usually on the first Wednesday of each month -- but dates can vary. Please look for event announcements on our Facebook page. These meetings are combined with potlucks, and move around to different board members’ home communities. We are open to visitors attending.

Special Events / Trainings

Besides our board meetings and larger NICA Gatherings, we have occasional panels, workshops, movie and discussion nights, or other educational events for NICA members. Some of the topics we have covered are: co-creating traditions within community; food growing and food sharing programs; consensus, sociocracy or other group decision making forms; Transition Towns Movement; and exploring the role of elders in ICs.

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Northwest Intentional Communities Association (NICA)